Friday, March 16, 2012

Keith Haring at Brooklyn Museum

Seven of my photographs from the early 1980s are included in the Brooklyn Museum exhibition of Keith Haring's work from 1978-1982.

Lady Wrestling Night, Club 57, 1980
Barbie & The Heftones

Tseng Kwong Chi, Elvis Night at Club 57, 1980
Keith Haring & Tseng Kwong Chi at Club 57, 1980

Entrance to Club 57, St. Marks Place, NY, 1980
Klaus Nomi at Hurrah's, 1980

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New York Places-Jewish Spaces: Life in the City, 1700-2012

Photographs I made of Jewish neighborhoods and Jewish structures along Ocean Parkway--from Kensington to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn are part of the exhibition New York Places, Jewish Spaces: Life in the City, 1700-2012 at the Center for Jewish History (15 West 16th St. NYC.) The exhibit runs until August, 2012.

Brighton Beach
Washington Cemetery
Congregation Shaare Zion-2024 Ocean Parkway
Ocean Parkway Jewish Center-550 Ocean Parkway
Caretaker, Kavkazi Jewish Center-347 Ocean Parkway